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Pick Six Podcast: Here’s why Dave Gettleman not talking to 49ers about Odell Beckham isn’t surprising

Odell Beckham Jr.’s trade to the Browns was a shocker and a clear signal that no one on the Giants’ roster is safe. However, the trade may have been most surprising for John Lynch and the 49ers. San Francisco — which was linked to Antonio Brown earlier in the offseason — was pushing for an elite wide receiver. But Lynch reportedly never even got on the line with David Gettleman about trading for Beckham, despite showing interest in him.

If the 49ers were in the same division as the Giants, this may make a bit more sense, but it’s incredibly strange that the Giants didn’t at least hear every possible offer before trading Beckham for Jabrill Peppers and picks.

With that being said, on Monday’s Pick Six Podcast, John Breech thinks it may not be much of a surprise after all.

“Absolutely not (I wasn’t stunned),” Breech said when he was asked if he was surprised about the news. “This is classic Dave Gettleman, where you don’t think he knows what he’s doing, and then he actually doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’re about to trade this guy away, you potentially could have a better offer on the table, you’ve had a team in the 49ers who’ve tried all offseason to get him. Who knows what they would’ve offered … He didn’t even give a courtesy call. That’s just mind-blowing.”

It’s the latest in a series of missteps from the Giants, whose rebuild seems to be constantly taking a step forward and three steps back. Gettleman has repeatedly said that this is all part of the Giants’ plan, but that ultimately remains to be seen. This Giants team as it is has precious little to be excited for next season, so it’s the moves the teams makes going forward that will define Gettleman’s tenure in New York.

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