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What They Are Saying: Radio Row at Chase Center

With just over one week from the first public event at Chase Center — the reunification of Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony on September 6th — the Warriors played host to Bay Area news outlets for a media open house.

One of the first events at the new home of the Warriors, the occasion provided media members with their first chance to experience Chase Center in its state of very-near completion. From taking a tour to tasting the food, there was a lot to cover that day.

After touring the Warriors’ new home on Monday, Chase Center hosted a “radio row” of sorts with stations broadcasting live from the new sports and entertainment center. During those radio shows, the stations hosted live interviews with Chief Executive Officer Joe Lacob, Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts, President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers and forward/center Kevon Looney. Take a look at some of the highlights as they spoke about their experiences with the Dubs’ new home.

Lacob the food experience with 107.7 The Bone:
“You gotta understand where I came from: food is really important to me. It’s part of the experience… So if you go around the [eateries], it’s very unique, custom food everywhere from Bakesale Betty out of Oakland, from Hot Dog Bills out of the Olympic Club… we brought a lot of local food vendors into this place.”

Welts the architectural goals of the building with KNBR:
“When it comes to our core center — our basketball team — it wouldn’t surprise you that the main goal was to create the greatest experience watching a NBA basketball game that’s ever been created… the architects were told we want every seat at Chase Center to be as close or closer to the court than a comparable seat at Oracle Arena, and while I haven’t measured every one of those seats, I was told they accomplished that goal too. The intimacy, the excitement, the atmosphere that we wanted to create for basketball was job [number] one.“

Myers the environment within Chase Center with NBA Radio:
“My favorite part is where we’re actually sitting: the arena. Picturing watching our team play here… that kind of awakens the kid in me.”

Looney seeing the arena for the first time with ALT 105.3:
“I’m kinda blown away. You hear a lot about it, they say it’s going to be good, but it’s better than I even expected. Walking around, seeing the outside, seeing everything, I feel like we have the best arena in the NBA. I think the fans are going to love it. We’re going to love playing here. When everybody sees it, they’re going to fall in love with it.”