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Transcript: Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball media availability – July 11, 2020

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Lonzo Ball Media Availability – July 11, 2020

On how important it was for players like himself and Brandon Ingram to take advantage of the break to take care of their bodies:
“I think it means a lot. Obviously, doing stuff without a hoop is not the same as basketball training, so just being out on the court is helping me. I know it’s helping Brandon. We have to use these next two weeks to get back into basketball shape.”

On what it was like to be able to play 5-on-5 again:
“I think just getting our rhythm back, playing together as a team, and really just playing basketball. We took three months off basically, so just to be out there and get the feel back is going to help the team a lot.”

On what it’s going to take to get back into a defensive flow:
“Effort, really. We’re going to get the rotations back these next two to three weeks. Defense is really just effort in my opinion, once you know where to go. As long as we go out there and hustle and play for one another, we should be okay.”

On the unselfishness of the team and how that will affect their chemistry moving forward:
“I don’t think that will be a big problem. Like I said, we have these next two to three weeks to practice and get the feel for one another again, but I think we should be able to pick up where we left off.”

On Brandon Ingram putting on weight and how that will impact his game:
“It’s only going to improve his game in my opinion. I feel like that’s the only thing that’s left really. Everything else he can do at a very high level. Once he gets his strength, he’s already pretty much unstoppable, but that’s going to make him even harder to guard in my opinion.”

On how much easier defensive communication will be without fans in the stands:
“It’s going to force us to talk. There are no excuses that you can’t hear somebody when it’s just us out there. I do think it will be a little different though playing with no fans.”

On how opponents’ roster changes will affect the team’s approach to games:
“I think we just control what we can control. We just worry about ourselves. Whoever the opponent is, we’re supposed to beat them. It’s that simple. It doesn’t really matter who’s in the other jersey.”

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