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Transcript: Pelicans guard JJ Redick media availability – July 12, 2020

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JJ Redick Media Availability – July 12, 2020

On today’s practice and getting back into the flow of things:
“Our focus today was just on our defense, specifically our half-court defense. I think we locked into the teaching points today. Every day we’ve been a little bit better. A lot of it is just getting your mind and your body functioning on the same page and getting back into a rhythm.”

On Josh Hart’s versatility and what he has seen from him this season:
“Josh has been so valuable to our team. We’ve asked him to do a lot, especially defensively guarding multiple positions. He’s one of, if not the best, wing rebounder that I’ve ever seen in my career. It’s actually phenomenal the way that he just pursues basketballs. Obviously his shooting has been key for us too, and I know he’s worked on that a ton and been more consistent with that. He’s a very valuable player. He’s going to have a fantastic career, and I just feel like he just continues to get better. He works at his game and he continues to get better.”

On life in the bubble so far after quarantining:
“Getting outside yesterday and playing some golf was key. Bubble life has been fine. I think Ja Morant said it best: the hotel is fine, the food is fine, everything is fine. We’re here to play basketball, to further our mission. We have a responsibility and a job to do. It’s fine.”

On shotgunning a Bud Light this afternoon:
“The Bud Light, yes. Didn’t exactly expect that tweet to get 10,000 retweets, but NBA Twitter never fails. So yeah, at about 5:00 I’ll post something. We’ll be back out on the course and I’ll be sure to shotgun that Bud Light. Can’t wait.”

On the importance of being able to do activities such as golf inside the bubble to retain a sense of normalcy:
“It just maintains your sanity, just being able to get out of the hotel room. If you’re in a city for 24 to 36 hours and you play one game and you get on a plane and go to the next city like you normally do in an NBA season, you may stay in your room for a day…you’ll maybe come out for shootaround or whatever. But to do that for five weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks, I’m glad the league has sort of organized these opportunities for us to seek fun stuff outside of the hotel. It’s a way to maintain sanity.”

On how Zion Williamson has looked since practice started last week:
“I think he’s doing great. The video that went viral yesterday was pretty accurate in terms of the way that he played yesterday in those scrimmages. We didn’t scrimmage today, but again, it was a lot of half-court defense today and he looked good again. I think for him and for all of us, we’re all just trying to find that game shape. Jamal Murray, earlier today or yesterday, said that if anybody is in game shape they’re either lying or they were doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing during quarantine. So we’re all trying to find that rhythm and that shape, but Zion looks great.”

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