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Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan predictions: Who will win?

Dan Rafael (born August 25, 1970) is an American sportswriter.

At this point, it’s the only question worth asking: Who will win Saturday night’s welterweight title bout between Terence Crawford and Amir Khan at Madison Square Garden in New York? Our experts make their picks.

Dan RafaelDan Rafael

Crawford by KO
Crawford can be a slow starter and Khan still has speed and power, so I think Khan will have some early success. But once Crawford gets rolling, he will take over the fight. Khan’s biggest deficit has always been his chin, which Crawford will eventually catch and stop him in the second half of the bout, say around Round 8 or 9.

Mark KriegelMark Kriegel

Crawford by TKO
“I see it going the distance,” Khan told me a few weeks ago. “It’ll be a very technical fight.” I agree that it will be a technical affair — until that point when Crawford has finished downloading Khan’s information. Then, having gauged the distance and the openings, Crawford takes him out. TKO in Round 8 or 9.

Nick ParkinsonNick Parkinson

Crawford by KO6
Khan could dominate early on as he did against Canelo Alvarez three years ago, but Crawford will be too cute and box his way to a points win.

Teddy AtlasTeddy Atlas
ESPN boxing analyst

Crawford by TKO
Khan can have some good rounds with his long jab and straight right hand off some good wheel (leg) work early on. But as he always does in big fights, at some point he will do something dumb and make a big mistake that will leave him wide open and that porcelain chin exposed. Bed time for Khan comes at about the eighth or ninth round as Crawford puts him to sleep.

Nigel CollinsNigel Collins

Crawford by TKO
Khan has never shied away from tough fights and he’s going to give it everything he has, but it won’t be enough. Crawford is in his prime, while Khan is past his. Let’s hope his corner and the referee will save him from another nasty beating like the one he suffered against Canelo Alvarez.

Steve KimSteve Kim

Crawford by KO9
Khan does pose some early problems in terms of quickness, hand speed and length, but in Crawford he is facing the most versatile fighter in the world today. I see Khan flashy early in the fight, but as the rounds go on, Crawford begins to adapt and adjust — and then dissect. I like Crawford via ninth-round KO.

Eric RaskinEric Raskin
Showtime Boxing

Crawford by KO7
We’ve seen Khan step up to this level a few times now, and we know what happens: His speed and athleticism make it interesting for a little while, then his defensive shortcomings and his chin issues let him down. Crawford is too skilled not to get the job done — and I suspect even if it appears to the casual viewer as if Khan is in the fight for the first few rounds, Crawford will be subtly in control the whole way.

Charles MoynihanCharles Moynihan
ESPN bureau producer

Crawford by TKO8
Crawford is notoriously a slow starter. Coupled with Amir Khan’s hand speed, this will be a competitive fight for four rounds or so. Boxers can overcome a lot of deficiencies through hard work, dedication and perseverance. A glass chin isn’t one of them.

Salvador RodriguezSalvador Rodriguez

Crawford by KO7
I love Khan’s speed and his courage to face the toughest challenges, but he does not have a chance against Crawford’s skill set. The American is one of the most complete fighters of recent times and he will have Amir on the edge of the KO at various times through the fight. I’m going with Crawford by KO in seven.

Claudia TrejosClaudia Trejos

Crawford by KO5
Khan has already seen the best part of his career. He is not as fast or slick as he used to be. Crawford is stronger and has many tools at his disposal. He will use them at any given time while making adjustments mid-round. I fear for Amir’s well being; his glass chin is no secret. I remember vividly the gruesome KO loss to Canelo Alvarez.

Bernardo PilattiBernardo Pilatti

Crawford by TKO
Crawford is superior to a Khan who’s best moments in boxing are now in the rearview mirror. As in all his fights, Khan will be a good opponent in the first three or four rounds, then he will slow the pace and facilitate a victory by Crawford, who will take advantage of his punching power and dynamic speed.

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