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Serena Williams is like Mike Tyson – Former French Open winner


In an interview to his YouTube Channel, the former world No. 4 and French Open winner Adriano Panatta commented on Serena Williams’s legacy in tennis.

The Italian said: “She serves at 200km/h so she serves and hits as strong as a man, she belongs to a different category compared to other sportswomen. She does not move so well but she has a lot of muscles. In terms of character she is not as great, she seems to be a lion but sometimes something was not working on her head.

She became a mother and her big wish is to win a Grand Slam as a mother and I think she can do it. If she manages to be consistent for two weeks I think she can win Wimbledon or US Open. I have some doubts about the French Open.


From the baseline she hits so strong that sometimes girls do not even see the ball. She won everything, she had an amazing career. In contrary of her loved sister, who is very skinny and tall, Serena is like Mike Tyson, if we make a comparison.

She is an alien, I never saw such a strong body. She is so impressive that she gives such a sense of power and strength that you rarely see on the men’s side. Their father was convinced that they would become strong, and in the end he was right.

They started playing on the local courts and they worked so hard.” Patrick Mouratoglou said: “Serena is unique in general. You cannot take anything. She is probably the biggest champion of all times, she is unique in her mentality, the way she sees the game, the competition, the way she deals with the pressure.”

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