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Senators’ Tyler Ennis once had his X-rays mixed up with NBA’s Tyler Ennis

Ottawa Senators forward Tyler Ennis suffered an ankle injury when he was playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs last season. According to TSN’s Ian Mendes, Ennis was told that he had initially fractured his ankle.

However, the news got somehow worse for Ennis days later.

“They pulled up my X-ray. And they’re like ‘Woah – you’ve got a really bad displaced break here,'” Ennis said.

Ennis wasn’t sure what to make of the new diagnosis. He had previously been told that he didn’t suffer a displaced fracture when a puck hit the inside of his ankle during a game. Once the NHL player questioned the diagnosis, the doctors went back to verify that they were looking at the correct X-rays.

As it turns out, they were not.

The doctors had the X-rays of Tyler Ennis, but it wasn’t the correct Tyler Ennis. They had been looking at X-rays of former Syracuse basketball player Tyler Ennis, who had suffered a leg fracture around the same time while he was playing overseas.

Two guys with the same name playing sports at a high level dealing with leg injuries. What are the odds?

“They double-checked and they actually had the image from the other Tyler Ennis, who broke his leg playing basketball overseas,” Ennis — the hockey player — said. “His break was a lot worse than mine. When they confused our X-rays, I was a little nervous. I thought my recovery was going to take a lot longer.”

The recovery time was much different the two players. The current Senators forward missed two months while playing for the Maple Leafs. The other Ennis, a point guard, missed more than a year with his injury.

The basketball playing Ennis currently plays for the Raptors 905, which is the G-League affiliate of the Toronto Raptors. Ennis previously played for four NBA teams before briefly taking his talents overseas to play in Turkey during the 2018-19 season.