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Pelicans News Around the Web (11-23-2020)

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Five-minute draft guide: Three-point threats

It’s become an NBA cliché: As long as a player can shoot, he’ll always be able to find gainful employment somewhere.

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Stan Van Gundy survey results: See how Pelicans fans feel about their new coach

With all the interest that followed the New Orleans Pelicans’ hiring of Stan Van Gundy as their new head coach, I figured it would be a good time to poll our readers and see what they think about the man who replaces Alvin Gentry.

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Stan Van Gundy understands good cultures, but Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and rest of Pelicans carry burden of creating it

It’s a word commonly thrown around in various settings. You hear it mentioned often in the business world and, of course, in the sports universe. While a good culture is highly desirable, it’s difficult to establish a wonderful working model of significant duration and long-lasting impact in practice.

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