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Newly retired Dwyane Wade reveals what he has enjoyed most about life after the NBA

Oftentimes, NBA players have trouble retiring and walking away from the game because they harbor regrets about things that they failed to accomplish. That’s not the case for soon-to-be Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade, who is feeling a deep feeling of satisfaction in his post-playing days. In fact, Wade recently revealed that his a feeling of completeness has been the thing he has enjoyed most about retirement. 

“Just feeling complete,” Wade said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “Everyone is different. Some people don’t think championships make their career. Some people don’t think All-Star games or Olympic teams make them complete. For me, besides an Olympic gold medal which I never really dreamed of, I wanted to be a champion. I needed that for my career to be complete. I needed to show the world who I was as a basketball player, I needed that time where I didn’t have help. I needed everything about the game and I feel like I accomplished everything I wanted to. 

“With that being said, I walk away just smiling and happy with what I did in that phase of my life. I got so much more life left so now I’m focused on what can I accomplish in this life. ” 

Considering the fact that the former Heat star is enjoying his retirement so much, it’s probably safe to assume that Wade won’t be making a comeback to the court, even if urged by his longtime friend, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

“I can’t do it,” Wade replied when asked if James approached him about a reserve role on the Lakers. “I’m sure there’s somebody in the NBA [that’s] highly capable. But it’s not me.” 

Sure, it would have been cool to see Wade team with James to chase one final championship in L.A., but it’s also nice to see an athlete as satisfied and comfortable with his career as Wade clearly is. Plus, with Dwyane’s son, Zaire, making a serious name for himself in the amateur ranks and entering his senior year of high school. So Wade will still have a reason to spend plenty of time at the gym.