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NBA Playoffs: Sonya Curry is skipping her usual pregame cocktail due to stress of Steph vs. Seth

Sonya and Dell Curry are guaranteed a trip to the NBA Finals this year. However, Seth Curry and Stephen Curry are putting their parents through the ringer at the moment.

As ESPN captured during the broadcast of Game 2 between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference finals Thursday night, Dell was forced to answer in-game questions from reporters as Sonya looked on with clasped hands covering part of her face. The Curry brothers’ father revealed that his wife has reached new levels of anxiety trying to choose between Seth and Steph.

“She’s very stressed,” he said with a laugh, joking that Sonya’s leaving “no” room for fun in the Curry series. “She normally has a cocktail before the game. No cocktail tonight. That’s how stressed she is.”

Sonya Curry told ESPN earlier this week that she and her husband, Dell, came around to the idea of their two sons squaring off in the Western Conference Finals by “flipping a coin every game” and splitting rooting duties throughout the Warriors’ series with the Blazers. She even touted that “we’re going to the championship” regardless of which Curry brother comes out on top, rocking a two-sided jersey to cheer on both her sons’ efforts.

The Curry brothers haven’t exactly downplayed the tough decision for their parents. Steph, in particular, made sure to poke fun at his mom following the Warriors’ Game 1 victory, in which he scored 36 points. Sonya had worn her split jersey to that game, but the Blazers side was visible from the front, so when Steph “saw her stand up and cheer” for him with Portland gear on, he said he was confused.

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