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Mavericks to honor Dirk Nowitzki with special on-court logo during upcoming season

Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki retired at the end of last season, but the franchise isn’t ready to move on just yet.

During the upcoming season, the team will honor the best player in their history with a special on-court logo. Each side of the court will feature a silhouette of Nowitzki’s patented fadeaway jumper, as seen from this illustration of the design. 

This is a pretty cool and unique way for the team to honor Nowitzki, and shows just how much he’s meant to the Mavericks. Few players in the history of the league are worthy of this kind of gesture, but the big German is certainly one of them. He spent the entirety of his impressive 21-season career with the Mavs, and led them to their only title in 2011. 

But even with the honor coming his way, Nowitzki still isn’t able to escape jokes from his former teammates. Early on Sunday, Dwight Powell joked that the logo will move as fast as Nowitzki did last season. That’s a pretty good burn from Powell, but Nowitzki is never shy of cracking a joke himself, and got the youngster back. “That hurts. You can’t recover from that one. Can’t wait until you get cut in two years,” Nowitzki joked. 

Got him. Nowitzki’s playing days may be over, but his wisecracks and congenial nature are going nowhere, and that’s good news.   

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