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Man City’s Otamendi loves TV tattoos but these guys prefer cartoons

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Manchester City defender Nicolas Otamendi likes TV shows so much he has them tattooed on his body. Here are some other player favourites.

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Nicolas Otamendi treated fans to a personal tour of his extensive tattoo collection this week when he bared his torso for all to see following Man City’s 1-1 draw against Atalanta in the Champions League.

As the Argentine defender paraded around the San Siro pitch, we were all given a glimpse into Otamendi’s soul, or at least his TV planner.

Emblazoned across Otamendi’s shoulderblades were characters from Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and Vikings. Not a bad selection.

Other footballers with TV themed body art have gone distinctly more cartoon-themed. But here are some of the best.

1. Alberto Gilardino (Pepper Pig)

The veteran Italian striker apparently had Peppa inked onto his upper arm at the behest of his young daughter.

2. Philippe Coutinho (Mickey Mouse)

First unveiled during his time at Liverpool, Coutinho later revealed he had a tattoo of Mickey while his wife had a matching tattoo of Minnie, supposedly as a gift to their daughter.

3. Dele Alli (Bam-Bam)

The Tottenham forward has an image of the classic Flintstones’ character on his forearm in reference to his childhood nickname. Dele is short for Bamidele, after all.

4. Alessandro Diamanti (Olaf)

The former Watford striker is renowned for his vast array of bodily doodles, which includes an image of Olaf the snowman from Frozen peeking above his right sock.

5. Daniele de Rossi (Teletubbies)

He may be the definitive Italian hardman, but that didn’t stop De Rossi from having a couple of Teletubbies tattooed on his arm, prancing around a heart that contains his daughter’s name.

6. Neymar (Spiderman and Batman)

Given that he is a huge fan of classic comic books, it’s hardly surprising that Neymar has two of the most famed superheroes of all time bursting through his shoulder blades.

7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Dragonball Z)

As of earlier this year, the Arsenal forward has the father and son characters Goku and Gohan from the Japanese anime show inked upon his leg. And did a video to show it happening, evidently in a hotel room.

Whatever next! All these fully grown men earning millions of pounds and their choice of body art is something you would find on a child’s bedroom wall.

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