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Heat big man Bam Adebayo dominated by Kobayashi in cheeseburger-eating contest

All athletes have their way of preparing for the upcoming season, typically involving a mix of workouts, shooting and scrimmages. Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo tried something a little different when he attempted to eat as many cheeseburgers as possible in a charity event on Sept. 18. The Heat will have to hope he’s better on the court than he was at the table. 

Sponsored by chain restaurant BurgerFi in Florida, Adebayo and several other celebrities went up against competitive-eating legend Takeru Kobayashi with the intent to eat as many burgers as possible in five minutes, with $100 being donated to Feeding South Florida for every burger consumed. As expected, Kobayashi crushed the competition, chowing down 20 burgers, while Adebayo managed just one. 

Prior to the event, Kobayashi made it clear he was coming to win, and he delivered on his promise. Taking to his Twitter account, he engaged in some friendly trash talk. According to a rough translation, he said he wants to dunk on his opponent, though it’s possible he’s also talking about dunking his food in water, which is his preferred method for buns. 

Kobayashi’s message clearly got Adebayo’s attention:

Despite his loss, Adebayo wasn’t too upset, using a basketball analogy to explain the situation he was in.

“It’s kind of like a high school player against LeBron,” Adebayo said. “It’s kind of an automatic loss.” 

After the performance Kobayashi put on, it’s hard to argue with Adebayo’s assessment. 

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