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Curry Assists Howard University

It is no secret Dubs guard Stephen Curry is a nice guy. Earlier this summer, he added to his already extensive list of charitable contributions when he and wife Ayesha launched the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to end childhood hunger, ensure students have access to a quality education, and provide safe places for all children to play and be active.

And now, Curry has taken steps to help kids of a different age group as he announced plans to fund the Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams of Howard University for the next six years.

Howard previously had Division II teams through the 1970s, but they were disbanded.

Enter the second hero of the story: Otis Ferguson IV, a senior student who knew the history and had passed-up on a golfing scholarship elsewhere to study at the university.

After a January screening of a film on which Curry was the executive producer, Ferguson struck-up a conversation about their mutual love for golf. That chat convinced Curry there was an opportunity to help.

Curry’s financial assist does not just benefit the school however, but also the game of golf as a whole: funding the golf team at Howard University, a school with a predominantly black student population, allows children of more diverse backgrounds the opportunity to access the game.

“I’ve always been passionate about growing the game of golf, and representation within the game, getting kids started younger,” said Curry.

Thanks to Ferguson’s discussion and Curry’s generosity, Howard University plans to hire a head coach and locate places to practice in order to compete beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year.