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Cardinals reportedly meeting with potential top pick Nick Bosa over dinner as Kyler Murray rumors swirl

The 2019 NFL Draft is less than a month away and we still have no idea who the Cardinals will take with the first pick, although we do know that the field has been likely narrowed down to two prospects: Kyler Murray, the quarterback, or Nick Bosa, the pass rusher. The Cardinals appear to be doing their due diligence on both players.

Less than two weeks ago, the Cardinals’ decision makers reportedly met with Murray on Oklahoma’s campus. On Friday night, it was Bosa’s turn for a meeting. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Cardinals’ brass and Bosa are getting together for a dinner on Friday night.

Let’s just state the obvious: Just because the Cardinals are getting dinner with Bosa does not mean they’ve decided to take him over Murray. All it means is that the Cardinals are behaving the way a smart team would by meeting with any player in consideration at the top of their draft board. It does not mean anything else. When the Cardinals met with Murray, it didn’t mean they had chosen him over Bosa. When the Cardinals get dinner with Bosa, it won’t mean they’ve chosen him over Murray.

But that doesn’t mean the Cardinals aren’t leaning a certain way. As of Friday night, all signs continue to point toward Murray, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback that new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury once deemed worthy of the top-overall pick (before he got the Cardinals’ job). 

As CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora wrote earlier this month:

In the case of Kyler Murray to the Cardinals with the first-overall pick, it is decidedly the latter. Something that steadily built and then caught fire at the combine last week refuses to go away. And that is because it is going to happen. Every conversation I have had since getting back from Indianapolis – including several with people who would have first-hand knowledge of such an arrangement between said player and team – has led me to believe, thoroughly and completely, that this is going to happen.

The Cardinals ownership knows it. Kliff Kingsbury knows it. Kyler Murray knows it. It is happening.

In order to draft him, the Cardinals would have to find a way to move last year’s first-round pick, Josh Rosen, who experienced a dreadful rookie season in an awful situation. According to Fox Sportsthree teams are “very interested” in acquiring Rosen.

But the Cardinals have to be at least considering Bosa, because that’s how good of a prospect he is. In today’s NFL, quarterbacks and edge rushers are the most-valued players. Quarterbacks are obviously more valuable, so if Murray is as good as Kingsbury thinks he’ll be, then he’s the right pick. But Bosa might be the safer pick. Plus, the Cardinals already have a potential franchise quarterback in Rosen. If they were to add Bosa (to a defense that already features Chandler Jones), they’d have two young potential cornerstones in place in Bosa and Rosen. 

Before they hired Kingsbury and his previous comments about Murray surfaced, we all just assumed the Cardinals would take Bosa. But with just under four weeks remaining until the draft, it’s suddenly become the biggest mystery of the offseason.

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