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Barty on ‘dream’ French Open triumph: ‘I did not fall over once!’

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Since her return to the sport, Barty has been open on her efforts to stay healthy mentally as well as physically, and she had plenty of advice to share for her young final opponent, Vondrousova, who at 19 years old is just one year older than Barty was when she chose to stop playing.

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“Tennis is a very unique sport, that it can happen very quickly and when a lot of girls and guys are at a very young age,” she mused. “I mean, you can play professionally when you’re 13 or 14, I think, officially.

“So I think, you know, it’s about creating your own path, creating your own journey, and embracing it… I think the best thing to do is learn from your mistakes, learn from every single experience that you have, whether it’s good or bad. That’s the only way to go about it, only way to grow as a person and as a player.

“We’ve got a pretty amazing world that we live in in the tennis world. It’s remarkable. We come to beautiful cities and play in front of thousands of people who generally love this sport. And for us, it’s about going out there and trying to entertain those people and trying to fulfill our dreams.”

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