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Anthony Davis trade: LaVar Ball says deal which sent Lonzo to Pelicans will be ‘worst move the Lakers ever did’

After months of rumors and speculation, the Los Angeles Lakers finally pulled off a trade for Anthony Davis. They got the superstar forward from the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round picks, including the No. 4 overall selection in next week’s NBA Draft

With a deal of this magnitude, there are going to be all sorts of takes flying around, but we’ve finally gotten the one that matters most. That’s right, LaVar Ball is back. A short time after the trade, LaVar spoke his mind, proclaiming that the deal will be the “worst move the Lakers ever did in their life,” and guaranteeing the Lakers won’t win another championship…ever.

LaVar’s full comments:

I guarantee… it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship. Guarantee it. They gonna regret it. Ima have fun with it, cause I told y’all it was crashing down. Now it will completely crash, but at least my son got off the boat before the thing exploded. 

I gave ’em a chance. You can rewind it and go back, and I said, ‘if you get the three Ball brothers, you’re gonna survive this. You let them go? It’s gonna be a cold day in hell.” 

I don’t care where Lonzo plays. I just want him to be healthy and I want him to play. It’s better to go somewhere where you can just play and do your thing and be that guy instead of having all these question marks behind it. Once you don’t believe in him, it’s kinda hard to come back and be like, ‘oh we believe in him now.’ Because now we don’t know if you’re true or not. You had the first chance to believe in him, and you didn’t. So guess what? Time to go.

OK, of course, some of this is ridiculous, but what did you expect from LaVar? He spoke it into existence that the Lakers were going to draft his son, so he was never going to have anything nice to say after they traded him away. 

His point about playing somewhere else isn’t completely without merit, though. This will be a nice fresh start for Lonzo, who has struggled with injuries and living up to expectations in Los Angeles. He’ll get plenty of minutes and the opportunity to team up with Zion Williamson, one of the most electric rookies to enter the league in some time.