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2019 Game 11: Pelicans vs. Clippers Postgame Quotes 11-14-19

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On tonight’s win and the Pelicans’ ball handling:

“We did a great job in the first half. I think we ended up with six turnovers and six points so when we’re not turning the ball over
and we can get our defense set, we’ve been pretty solid. Like I said, I think when you look at our defensive numbers, you forget
about the turnovers, as we talked about a lot of times, and all the problems that it causes when you turn the ball over. I just
thought we were solid and did a good job. Thank god Paul George was rusty, huh? The guy hasn’t played in six, eight months,
I don’t know, but didn’t seem like he was very rusty to me.”

On Jrue Holiday and if what Coach Gentry said will lead to continued strong performances:

“I hope so. We’ve talked a lot and he’s talked a lot with some of the other coaches and to Griff (David Griffin) and things like
that. I think the one thing he did tonight is he just kind of went out and played – played like Jrue Holiday, I thought. As good as
he was offensively, I thought he was great defensively also.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday

On how it feels to win after suffering so many losses:

“It felt good. It’s all about timing and rhythm. I felt like I got a little bit of that back tonight.”

On how he put Coach Gentry’s advice into action by playing aggressively:

“I guess for me it takes a load off just to play my game and from there everything else just falls into play. Not really to get other
people shots but to attack the basket, it opens up everything.”

Pelicans Forward/Center Derrick Favors

On how it feels to be one of a few NBA players to have a 20/20 game:

“It definitely felt great. [I was] just dealing with some nagging stuff going on at the beginning of the year but I’m definitely feeling
better now, my legs are starting to get under me. I’m starting to get comfortable now and just try to keep it going throughout the
year. It was a great game for me, a great game for the team, and we came out and played hard, but we just have to stay

On what he thinks about the team’s performance tonight:

“Every guy wanted this win on this team. We came out with a lot of energy and played hard. People weren’t selfish. Jrue
[Holiday] came in hot and we kept feeding him the ball, and he continued to make good plays for us. We just played great team
ball and got a win ”