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2019-20 NBA Restart Seeding Game: Pelicans at Kings Postgame Quotes 8-6-20


On the Kings’ shooting performance in today’s game and if he’s ever seen anything like that:
“Well, I did just two nights ago against the Clippers. They shot the ball extremely well. We were never into them [defensively], though. That was the tough thing, that we never got into them. If you give up basically a 50-point quarter, your defense has to adjust and do something. I thought we played great defense in the second quarter and did a good job of getting ourselves back in the game. Then the third quarter comes around and the fourth quarter comes around, and we just really didn’t guard. We weren’t into the ball. They drove the ball to the basket. Not so much the three-pointers in the second half, as it was them driving to the basket and getting in our paint.”

On the Pelicans’ defensive effort through the first four seeding games:
“I don’t think it’s that we’re not playing hard, we’re just not into the ball defensively. I think we’re trying to compete and doing some [good] things, but you just can’t give up a 49-point quarter, and you can’t give up a 40-point quarter in the third quarter. Our defense has to be better from the standpoint of following game plans and then just the overall effort as far as you’re talking about. We’ve just got to


On if he thought the Pelicans lacked urgency in today’s game:
“No. I think they came out blazing. I don’t think it was a lack of effort. I have to go back and watch it at some point and kind of figure it out. They were knocking down shots and making good plays. They were making some tough shots at first. We stayed in it for a little bit, but it just kind of got out of hand.”

On what the Pelicans have to do defensively to get back on track:
“Just lock in, take pride. Just be able to be disappointed when somebody scores on you. Sometimes that might be hard because you’re giving all of your effort on defense and leaving it out there, and offensively shots aren’t falling and plays that we usually make, we weren’t making. We’ve just got to lock in. This game is hard. It’s tough to play, but you’ve got to do it.


On the frustration of losing while scoring 125 points in today’s game:
“Like I said, we have to come together as a whole team and discuss how we can get better. Hats off to the Kings, they shot the ball [well].”

On the hardest part about getting right on the defensive end:
“Defensively, I think we’re fine. It’s just that when a team is shooting like that, there’s only so much you can do personally. They were shooting the ball; they were hitting every shot. We’ve got to come together as a team, our coaches have to come together, and we’ve all got to just figure out how we’re going to adjust to it.”

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