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2019-20 Game 58: Pelicans at Lakers Postgame Quotes 2-25-20


On his team shooting 21.1 percent from the field in the fourth quarter: 
“It is [tough to overcome]. We took some questionable shots but we also had some shots that we have to make to be able to beat a team like that. I thought overall, defensively, we were pretty good. You know, we did a damn good job on AD [Anthony Davis] but that other guy kind of gets in the way every now and then for the last 10 years, being in the Finals eight out of nine times… They’re a very good basketball team and in order to beat them, you can’t have the 20 turnovers that we had.”

On the on-court chemistry between Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram: 
“Oh, I think they’re going to be fine. Both of those guys are unselfish guys and they play for the betterment of the team. I thought they did a good job. I thought we did a good job. We played, I thought, with a lot of confidence against… I mean, there may be a better team in the NBA, but we’ll see. I think they’re deep. I think they added some guys that’s going to help them also, and they’ve got the best player in basketball, in my opinion.”

On Williamson being on the same court as LeBron James for the first time tonight:
“I don’t think it bothers him. He’s just going to play. Guys, he’s not arrogant or cocky or anything but he is confident, and I think any time he goes out and plays a game, he’s going to play with confidence and try to do everything he can to help us win. I thought he did a good job with it tonight. He did a great job of taking it to the basket and I know he shot a bunch of free throws, but I think he also could’ve shot more.”


On a season-high scoring performance from LeBron James in tonight’s game:
“You don’t ever know how well he’s doing until you look at the stat sheet. I looked at it at one point and he had 34, eight [rebounds] and five [assists] and it didn’t look like he shot much. But he’s still a reliable force in the league. His teammates count on him to make big plays and make baskets, and he does that.”    

On his team’s offensive struggles in the fourth quarter: 
“We had a few turnovers in the end that kind of shifted the momentum a little bit, but I think at the point in the game we’ve got to slow down, try to figure out our execution and what our next option is, and continue to push.”    

On what Zion Williamson can learn after playing LeBron James for the first time tonight:
“I think he learns how to approach each opponent, learn their tendencies, learns what they do well and what they don’t do well offensively and defensively. I think [tonight] he learned what he can do on the offensive side to help the team, to help himself.”    


On playing against LeBron James for the first time in his career: 
“It was a great experience. He’s an incredible player. His resume speaks for itself and he showed it tonight. They got the win and that’s what we we’re trying to get, so we came out with the L.” 

On fighting for a playoff spot: 
“Each loss hurts. I said in an interview last game, ‘every win matters, every loss matters.’ So I’m going into every game trying to get the win.” 

On he and Brandon Ingram combining for 60 points tonight: 
“I think it was only a matter of time… Eleven, 12, 13 games in, the chemistry was eventually going to be found and I think we’re finding it.”