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2019-20 Game 41: Pelicans at Pistons Postgame Quotes 1-13-20


On the defensive play by Frank Jackson on Derrick Rose at the end of regulation:
“I thought he did a great job. I mean, we remember the last time we played them what happened and I thought Frank did a good job of staying down. He did a really good job of being physical and keeping him exactly out of the spot that he (Rose) wanted to get to. I thought he was really good defensively.”

On all players contributing to tonight’s win:
“They did and we talked about that right before we left the locker room. We said that over the course of the NBA season, you’re going to get an opportunity at some stage and the big question is will you take advantage of that opportunity when it’s there, and I thought everybody that we put in the game [did]. I thought Nicolo (Melli) did a great job of just taking what was there for him, making shots and making big plays, holding onto the ball when we needed the free throws at the end because he was our best free throw shooter on the floor. But, when you talk about team win and a team effort, I just thought this was a just a great team effort. We struggled in the fourth quarter, but once again, the bottom line is that we found a way to hang in and win and that’s the most important thing.”


On how he felt tonight being the floor general:
“I was just happy we got the win, honestly. It was a tough-fought game today. We lost it a little bit in the fourth (quarter) but we got it back in overtime, and we got the win.”

On how he would evaluate Frank Jackson’s defense on Derrick Rose tonight:
“Oh, I mean he did great. He’s the one that sent it into overtime for us. It’s very hard containing D Rose especially as much as he had to guard him tonight since we had so many bodies out. But he stepped up to the challenge and did his thing.”


On how he felt getting into a rhythm in tonight’s win:
“My teammates were urging me really early. One I saw the ball go in, it was good rhythm and my confidence was through the roof.”

On how big this win is considering many guys were not active in the lineup:
“I think it’s a huge win. Coach Gentry mentioned before the game that this is what good teams are made of. Being that we had so many guys out tonight and we needed to step up, we did that. So, that’s a really good win, everybody contributed and it feels like we’ve stepped up.”

On his father being at the game and if that made him better tonight:
“I’m not sure, but Chicago is like a four-hour drive. Whenever we play in Detroit, he usually makes the trip. I couldn’t hear him in the audience because I’m so used to hearing my dad in the crowd, but I know he’s there. I saw him before the game and gave him a hug. My dad’s the best.”