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2019-20 Game 20: Pelicans vs. Thunder Postgame Quotes 12-01-19

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On if there is frustration in the locker room with the second game in 48 hours playing out in a similar way:

“Pretty much. I thought they (Thunder) got out to a good start making 13 out of their first 15 shots. That early in the game it wasn’t grave concern because I didn’t think they would shoot 80% for the game. We did a good job getting back in, but we just have to finish games. I don’t understand how they can shoot 39 shots in the paint and shoot 26 free throws, but we take 37 shots in the paint and only shoot 10 free throws. I don’t see how that can happen. We are taking the ball to the basket just like they are. Other than that, we just have to close games. Their star player CP (Chris Paul) made plays for them and that is what stars do, but we have to get it in the basket. One of the things we have to do is stay down on the pump fakes as we got off our feet way too much. It just compromises everything with the rotation in a drive-and-pick situation where they found some open three-point shooters. We just have to keep plugging away, as no one said it would be easy. The thing we have to do is try to put together a string of 48 minutes like we do when we play 25 or 35 minutes like that, but for 48 minutes. We have to keep the pace of the game up and defensive intensity up.”

On how to fight against confidence issues with the team:

“Have to play and have to produce. We have to put them in good situations as a coaching staff. As I said to them as I walked out of the locker room, it’s on all of us as we are all in this together. What we have to do is dig ourselves out by finding a way to make plays down the stretch, to get stops down the stretch, to find a way to win a couple of these games.”

Pelicans Guard Lonzo Ball

On if there is anything he can identify that the team needs to work on to score a winning game in the last few minutes:

“It’s been like this all year. We keep talking about it and we’re doing things to put us in the position to win and we’re kind of giving the game away at the last three minutes. So it’s stops, it’s getting the best shot and just being poised down the stretch.”

On if it’s difficult to keep his head up after losing so many games:

“Losing in general is hard. We’re all a tough group of guys and we will stick it out and try to turn it around faster, and sooner than later.”

Pelicans Forward Brandon Ingram:

On what he thinks need to be worked on to overcome these close scoring games:

“[We need] to continue our defensive awareness and execute on the offense at the end, and I think that’s just the main thing…having a sense of urgency in the last three minutes to score and to get a stop.”

On what he thinks needs to improve in the first and fourth quarter from the team:

“In the first quarter, just being the aggressive course on the offensive and defensive end, but coming down to the fourth quarter we need to come to our defensive schemes. I think they did a really good job of bringing our big man out every single time in the last three minutes. They really carved us shooting the three with Adams rolling to the basket, he either got fouled and made his free throws, or was strong enough to get it in the rim. I think we need to have a better sense of urgency.”